Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008

Hey Everyone-

Man it's been a long time since I updated. So much has happened that's why I haven't been on here lately.

Back in October my mom and and dad surprised me and Brooke with a trip to Disney World. We were gone for 8 days and it was a blast. I cannot wait til we can go back again. Mom and Dad say it might be a while though. The day we left I got to sit in the cockpit of the airplane with all the controls. The pilot even let my dad take pictures of me up there. At the Disney Studios I got to see the stunt team and meet Indiana Jones and Miriam. I had my picture taken with all of them. Mom says she is proud of me because I rode over roller coaster on Disney property. My favorite was Rock-N-Roller coaster! I didn't really like Tower of Terror too much but mom sure liked watching me and Brooke scream. Dad stayed off and watched Gavin. I especially liked Mission Space. I got to ride it more than one time. Soarin was a pretty good ride too!

When we came back from our trip it was back to Baseball and our normal routine. Our baseball season ended last weekend and we won 3 games. I am off now til March when the spring season begins. I will be back on Coach Pat's team with all of my other team mates. Coach Pat doesn't coach in the fall.

I dressed up as Indiana Jones for Halloween and mom and papa took us trick or treating. Dad stayed home and handed out candy. Mom says next year when it is a blizzard dad can walk while she stays home and hands out candy! We were out for a while. I got a lot of candy that night.

The next day we had our Cub Scout Space Derby. I won 1st place for the entire pack. My rocket was so fast it didn't lose a single heat. It was so much fun! This weekend we are going to cut out all the birdhouse stuff for the pack. It is the weeblos job to do the birdhouse thing this year. I bet we will get our pinewood cars soon too.

Mom and dad are going to the mountains for the weekend and we are staying with grandma and papa. On Saturday night I am going to spend the night with Dylan at his house. I haven't seen him in a while. It should be really fun.

I got my report card today. I did pretty good.....even mom was impressed. I hope Mr. J says good things in my conference next week.

Well I am going to go eat dessert and then it is time for me to go to bed.....

Catch ya on the flip side


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