Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 2008

Hey Everyone-

Long time no update!

Last week I went to Kids Night Out at the Rec center with my friend Dylan. We had a great time. I saw a lot of my friends from school there too. I took third place in the noodle eating contest. It was fun.

I went climbing on Saturday with my class. It was a Dick's Sporting Goods climbing wall at Park Meadows. I was able to climb almost to the top. A few of my classmates made it to the top. We had a good time. Mr. J didn't climb.

Sunday I had a baseball game and we had a bit of a rain delay in the middle of it. It was quite interesting. Sunny one minute, pouring rain the next. I played outfield for most of the game but the last inning I played catcher. I think I did a great job. I will practice more and probably play catcher more. We have a game this Sunday too!

Scouts tonight and it is a pack meeting. I think the Weeblo 1's are doing a song. I wonder who will get awards. We are still selling popcorn until October 15.

Still working on mom to let me ask Santa for the skateboard for Xmas. I think it would be so cool. I want a new helmet too.

I think I might go to Kids Night Out again this says I need to have a friend to go with so I might ask James.

That's about it for me this week. Look at my pictures of me papa took them cause he went with me!

One more thing.....I have a new cousin....well, she is my 2nd cousin. My cousin Ashley had a baby girl last week.....she was born on Ashley's birthday! Her name is Mariel Nicole. She is really cute!



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