Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 2008

Wow! Yesterday was a great day. Mom, dad, Brooke, Gavin, Grandma, and Papa and I all went to the Sarah Palin rally.

I am learning a bit about politics this year and mom thought this would be a good experience for me. My dad put me on his shoulders so I could see. I was able to see her plain as day and I listened to her entire speech. We had a lot of fun and I got a day off of school too!

I had my baseball game on Sunday. I think we did pretty good. I have practice again on Friday and another game this coming weekend.

My friend Dylan is going to spend the night on Friday night. He is my friend from my old school. I think we might go to Kids Night Out at the rec center here in Castle Rock. It is for kids 8-12. Lots of my friends have gone before and they say they had a great time. I would like to try it.

Saturday I am going to go climbing with my class at Dicks Sporting Goods in the mall. My teacher reserved the wall for all of us guys in the class. I think all of us are going and I cannot wait. I used to do rock climbing a lot at my old school. I also get to hang out with my friends.

Well, that's it from me right now....Mom is going to try to put a picture of Sarah on here...if it doesnn't work, she will have dad help her with it later.



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